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Dip in the toe into letting go

"I don´t understand anything I see in this room, through this window, on this street" is todays a course in miracles lesson. Marianne Williamson explains it so beautifully: We bring our ideas about how something will be with us into the situation.

About the other person (she doesn't approve, there is that look again), about ourselves (oh no, I am just not social enough, I don't have anything interesting to say), about basically anything.

This is another way how we hold onto something that is in the past, that is not really there, but we drag it from the past into the present moment.

As if surrendering completely to a clean slate, without pre-judgements is something dangerous, that we need to protect ourselves from, by holding on, to an idea, based on something that happened in the past.

What we miss, is the chance to be present in the here and now, to be surprised, to be delighted by a new beauty that we have not seen before.

What is it that makes us humans so willing to hold onto so many things, so many ideas, so many judgements, so many past moments?

What are we afraid of, that might happen, if we just surrender and stay open, to see life with a beginners mind, with the eyes of a child?

Maybe it is worth a try. Maybe it could be a beautiful experience, to have space to be surprised by yourself, to be surprised by others, to leave room. Room for change and development.

a course in miracles, Marianne Williamson, surrender to the present moment
Let go of all your ideas and let life surprise you - Photo by Christopher Sardegna on Unsplash

What is the saying?

"When my hands are holding on to something, they are full and there is no room to receive."

I guess you can say that for everything in life. When your mind is full with ideas about yourself and others, there is no room to receive something new. Something new that you could learn about your own self and also something new that somebody else would like to gift you with.

But surrendering is not something, the the mind is willing to do. Is it?

It is something that needs to be practiced consciously.

I have a feeling it might be worth it ;)

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