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I never had a problem exchanging faces, names, gender or anything when connecting to God, the source, the universe, flow, consciousness, the vortex, love, soul or whatever other names there are being said to name it.

As a little child in school I would draw „him“ up in the sky, smiling down on me and looking after me. My parents were not very religious, my mother as a matter of fact would not approve of religion, but read to me bedtime stories about Christ, because I insisted.

„I do not understand, what you like about them“ - she would say, than take out one of my colorful childrens bibles and start reading.

I loved books, even as a child and I adored stories. The greek myths would stand side by side with the story about Moses.

As a teenager I was drawn more to the feminine aspect of my beloved, that I knew loves me so much and is always looking after me. I would light the traditional oil-light that I had bought in a church store and talk to holy Mary. At the same time I would read everything about ancient Egypt and the powerful female Goddesses there.

No conflict for me. Humans just use different wordings to describe something that is beyond our logical mind and therefore cannot be put completely into words - which are produced by the rational mind.

Later on than the concept became more abstract and the names changed to Prana, Qui, Universe - that life force that flows through everything, is constantly moving, creates constantly new life.

Love is the home base. - Photo by Benn McGuinness on Unsplash
The light in my sees the light in you

I never was interested to engage in discussions, if it is real or not, because at a very young age I already knew, that there is different realities for different people. Our minds are powerful.

In University I heard about „placebo effect“ and how research had proven already the power of the mind.

So I am not gonna get caught up in somebody else’s reality construct, when I rather much more enjoy discovering more of my own constructions and thinking about more excitement, ease and service I can create through adjusting my mind.

The mind is a very powerful tool.

And for me personally faith, has been given me a soft big hug protection to lean back on, while trying different things, different kind of creations with that tool.

On some days, when I am certain about that back up that I have, when I can really be in that knowing, life is …. I mean I dont even have a word for it. It is really beautiful to just know in your guts.

On other days, when I feel disconnected everything seems a little more exhausting, but the faith, that I dont have to figure it all out by my own and that I am not alone and that help will always show up in form of people, books, serendipities… that faith has literally lifted me up. Over and over again.

This is my path.

You follow your own unique path.

Trust the process. It is a perfect symphony.

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