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Letting go, to make space for the new

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Hello love,

so this year is almost over.

What an interesting year.

I want to thank you for being part of my journey

and letting me be one of yours.

We had wonderful, precious moments together,

that I carry on in my heart.

What I love about this time of the year,

is that overall energy of letting the old go

and making room for the new.

Letting go is something

a lot of us struggle with sometimes. Right?

So for this year, this is goodbye

I am excited to take some space

to focus on cleansing, declutter

and just sit with everything that ll come up

We never know, if the cleansing will make us feel

overwhelmed at first.

I for my share had plenty of headaches

through different body cleanses.

And that is the same with everything,

cleaning out stuff, letting go of old ideas.

Even though you know, it’s time

and it’s not serving you anymore

you just have hold it so precious in your own space

and in the first moment you do hold your breath.

Don’t you?

It’s like when I step on a hot day into the cold ocean

I really want to be in that soft salty water

but that moment, right before I let my body sink in the coldness

I hold on very tightly.

And I am one of the people who can take a long time

holding on to the „oh no it’s to cold“

Even though I love the ocean

I love the ocean as much as I love freedom

water and air to breathe.

So I will take some space for that.

And also

Whooo, the fun part

is the intention setting for next year

I am excited to sit down

and have a little chat with myself.

Commune with myself.

„What do you want?

It’s your life. What do you want it to look like?“

And as we all know that comes with

a lot of „but, that’s not possible, because…“

and all kinds of weird thoughts

that I want to clean out my system.

IF it’s the right time.

You never know ;)

I wish you a wonderful 2022

I wish you a strong loving connection to yourself

and to the people that feed your soul,

that feed your passion,

that give you space to grow

to spread your wonderful wings

soaring loudly

or gently quiet

whatever you prefer!

Let’s see where the next step on the path is taking us.

As we each follow our own path.

Commune with yourself - Follow your own path - Photo by Yang Shuo on Unsplash

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