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Relax your body - breathe out

„In my defenselessness my safety lies“

One of the exercises in the course in miracles.

It not only speaks of an attitude of being defenseless vs in an attack mode.

If you experience that thought all the way through, the body posture, you will realize that it has much more to it.

It has you being in flow, your palms open, your body relaxed.

You release all the tension in the body, you release everything that is in the past and you are completely present, in the here and now.

It is the most wonderful act of love.

Love is not what they taught us. They taught us to hold on tight to be tense all the time. All the „have to“ s and all the „should“s.

SOCIETY rules.

Society RULES.

Love is soft and gentle. „In my defenselessness my safety lies“, my complete body is relaxed and open to receive and to release and to receive.

The constant flow of life.

This is why we are here.

To breathe in and breathe out. Not to hold our breath.

We are here to do both: breathe in & breathe ot. - Photo by Michelle on Unsplash

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