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Your mind and your body are one. Let them enjoy their love affair.

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Many of us reacted with fight, flight and freeze, all three.

You might not immediately recognize.

Maybe you chose to move around your body a lot (flight), and you keep repeating the same sentence in your mind over and over again, like you have been frozen back in time.

Maybe it’s difficult for you to start moving, cause you froze into a body posture. Tight muscles prevent bigger damage, when we are being attacked, but your mind keeps jumping around, here and there, flight mode, away just away from the uncomfortable.

Fight can also show many faces, maybe you are very critical to you, to others (meaning you are constantly attacking, pointing fingers), maybe you yell a lot, abuse yourself with to much food, to much sport, to many cigarettes.

Start reconnecting with your body and make sure, to do both: move it around and let all that stored energy transform into movement and also lay down and stretch. Let your body experience softness, so that all that tight muscle regions that have been frozen in a far away time can relax, can let go.

Start substituting fearful thoughts into loving, encouraging, grateful, hopeful thoughts.

Your mind and your body are one. Let them enjoy their love affair. - Photo by JD Mason on Unsplash

Your mind and your body are one. Let them enjoy their love affair.

Let them tell each other how incredible they are, how grateful to be a team, how valuable.

Treat your body and mind with love and gentleness.

Support yourself in the letting go process on all levels.

You are not your trauma. The experience is just stored in all cells.

Let go. Soften up. Feel into all the feelings, experience them, give them a name.

Drink lots of water and flush everything that needs to go out and give your body sleep. Meditate, focus on your breath, give your mind some rest.

Healing and changing at first can cost a lot of energy. Be gentle.

Enjoy the love affair.

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